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Welcome to our Year 12 English Blog

Thank you for logging onto our Year 12 English Class Blog.

This blog has been created to help you get the most out of your work – by sharing ideas with each other, by being able to log on and revise something we have done before or by having a look to see if you missed something while you were sick.  It is another tool to help you succeed in Year 12 English.  Make the most of it: check it regularly, use it!

I look forward to reading your comments and sharing your ideas.

Happy blogging!

English Stage 3a – Semester 1

The recommended focus for this unit is language and identity. Students study how identities are expressed, constructed, represented and critiqued through language. They learn to critically interpret the relationship between particular uses of language and texts on the one hand and conceptions of identity on the other. They develop oral, visual and written language skills by learning to produce texts in a range of genres which explore, produce, challenge and/or subvert conceptions of identity. Students study literary, mass media and popular culture texts.


Mrs Flannery


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